Elizabeth May and Green Party visit Hamilton

Elizabeth May and Green Party visit Hamilton from Ron Scheffler on Vimeo.

Here’s another slideshow, this time from last weekend’s visit to Hamilton by Elizabeth May at a Green Party rally on Locke Street, told from the perspective of Karen Gerum, a Dundas resident exploring options for the upcoming federal election on May 2nd.

This piece was for OpenFile Hamilton.

Hamiltonians and the upcoming federal election

James Street North reaction to Harper and Ignatieff visit from Ron Scheffler on Vimeo.

I did a ‘man on the street’ type photo essay/interview yesterday along James Street North for OpenFile coinciding with the campaign rallies within an hour or so of each other in Hamilton by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Audio clips in the slideshow are from lifelong Hamiltonian Jim Stuart, Lola Sorinmade, a double major biology and psychology student at McMaster University, and Graham Cozzubbo, a theatre and opera director.

Jesse Lumsden

I was looking forward to seeing what Jesse Lumsden could do for the Eskimos this year, so it’s naturally unfortunate to see him injured in the first quarter of the first game of the season. Ever since his days at McMaster, he’s been so much fun to watch and naturally a lot of fun to photograph in action.

I rounded up a selection of images from the four Tiger-Cats games I photographed in 2008 and put them together in a slideshow linked below. In addition to game action, there’s a ton of him on the sidelines. The games were June 26 preseason vs. Montreal, July 12 vs. Saskatchewan, July 25 vs. Edmonton and September 6 vs. BC. They’re simply in chronological order as I shot them.

It’s possible Lumsden’s naturally shy of cameras, or he didn’t want extra media attention on him as the ‘star’ of the team… or maybe he grew suspicious of photographers with professional looking equipment after his media “exposure” as a centre-spread pullout for the Spectator… So most of the times when he saw me pointing the camera at him he’d look or turn away, though there is eye contact in a few images. It became a bit of a cat & mouse game… a challenge, yet a fun one, to get interesting images of him when not on the field.

These photos and more can be found in my newly set-up Tiger-Cats/CFL photo archive here.