CFL – BC @ Hamilton – game highlights and update to archive

Other commitments during the week and a server migration by my domain host prevented an earlier update. Below is a selection of images in chronological order that outline the July 31st 30-18 win for the Ticats over the BC Lions.

I’ll update with some captions later.

400+ images from the game have been added to my CFL archive.

Please see my previous post for a full sequence of the spectacular TD catch by Ticats wide receiver Prechae Rodriguez.

We’ll start off with a couple of Ticats owner Bob Young:

Tiger-Cats wide receiver Chris Davis (1) bobbles a pass under pressure from Lions safety Barron Miles (9). Davis was wide open and had he made the catch probably would have scored a TD:

Tiger-Cats linebacker Jamall Johnson (28) tackles Lions running back Martell Mallett (35):

Tiger-Cats wide receiver Prechae Rodriguez (85) runs into a practice net on the sideline after missing an overthown pass under pressure from Lions cornerback Dante Marsh (31). Note that Marsh did not push Rodriguez into the net (even though that’s how it looks in the photo):

Maybe the turning point of the game when the Tiger-Cats defence stopped Lions quarterback Jarious Jackson (7) twice near the goal line. On the second play Jackson was stripped of the ball and the Ticats gained possession:

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