CFL 2009.10.12: Blue Bombers 38 – Tiger-Cats 28

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were back in town looking to avenge their July 18th ‘Spygate’ loss. And avenge they did, spoiling Thanksgiving for the Tiger-Cats.

Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille and president Scott Mitchell watch pregame warm-ups.

Linebacker and longsnapper Jordan Matechuk (51), defensive back Dylan Barker (20), wide receiver Arland Bruce III (4), defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden (90) and running back DeAndra’ Cobb (14) during the performance of O Canada.

Defensive backs Sandy Beveridge (19), Jykine Bradley (31) Chris Thompson (26), Geoff Tisdale (9) and Bo Smith (7).

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25), defensive lineman Khari Long (94), quarterback Quinton Porter (12), wide receiver Drisan James (11) and defensive lineman Jermaine Reid (99).

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25), quarterback Quinton Porter (12) and wide receiver Drisan James (11).

Quarterback Quinton Porter (12) throws a pass…

Porter, feeling the pressure, scrambles…

… but fumbles the ball on a sack by Blue Bombers defensive tackle Doug Brown (97) and defensive lineman Dorian Smith (90)…

… and a couple minutes gives up the ball again, this time for a Bombers TD.

Which once again brought in quarterback Kevin Glenn, in an attempt to salvage the game.

Running back Terry Caulley (30) took to the field for the first time since Week One…

… but wasn’t given much room by the Bombers.

It was also rough going for running back DeAndra’ Cobb (14).

Quarterback Kevin Glenn (5) looks for receiver Marquay McDaniel…

… but the pass is incomplete on a hard hit by Blue Bombers safety Ian Logan (31) and defensive back Jonathan Hefney (23).

The D worked hard and helped the team eventually get back into the game:

Blue Bombers running back Fred Reid (32) is tripped up by Hamilton Tiger-Cats linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25).

Tiger-Cats linebacker Jamall Johnson (28) lands a hard hit on Blue Bombers cornerback Jovon Johnson (2).

Linebacker Otis Floyd (35) tackles Blue Bombers running back Yvenson Bernard (26)…

… and gets some help from defensive end Montez Murphy (98), linebacker Jamall Johnson (28) and defensive lineman Justin Hickman (95).

Defensive tackle Matt Kirk (93).

Tiger-Cats linebacker Jamall Johnson (28) tackles Blue Bombers running back Yvenson Bernard (26).

Tiger-Cats defensive back Dylan Barker (20) tackles Blue Bombers defensive back Keyuo Craver (10).

Defensive back Bo Smith (7) celebrates his end zone interception with teammates Sandy Beveridge (19) and Geoff Tisdale (9) late in the second quarter.

The Cats got rolling in the second half after giving the Bombers a 31-0 lead. Here wide receiver Drisan James (11) slips away from Blue Bombers cornerback Jovon Johnson (2).

Running back DeAndra’ Cobb (14) found a few seams…

Tiger-Cats quarterback Kevin Glenn (5) throws a pass to wide receiver Drisan James (11)…

… for the Cats’ first major of the game.

Early in the fourth quarter linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25) recovers a Michael Bishop fumble for a touchdown.

Tiger-Cats linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25) moves in to tackle Blue Bombers wide receiver Adarius Bowman (12). Bowman racked up 213 yards on 10 catches for two touchdowns, helping the Bombers to a lead that the Cats couldn’t overcome.

Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Justin Hickman (95) tackles Blue Bombers running back Fred Reid (32), who was contained to a modest 62 yards.

But Tiger-Cats running back DeAndra’ Cobb (14) didn’t fare any better, limited to only 53 yards on eight carries.

I’m sure the Cats wish they could have thrown out the first half…

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