CFL 2009.09.18: Tiger-Cats 24 – Stampeders 17

The night of AB3

It’s a busy weekend for me, so I’ll quickly put up a few images from the Tiger-Cats game against the Stampeders.

Can’t say the Cats play was that impressive, but at least they were able to make enough plays to overcome what was looking to be a first half disaster in the making, and take advantage of key Calgary penalties in the second half to pull off another come from behind win at home. Arland Bruce III had two key touchdowns, the winner on a pass from Adam Tafralis when I think most people at the game were expecting the Cats to go for another short yardage quarterback keeper – the play Tafralis seems to be destined to repeat this year as the third string quarterback. Nice though to see him pull off a long pass to Bruce.

Not sure about everyone else at the game but at least I was caught a bit off guard by the pass. I’d have liked to have been positioned at the back corner of the end zone. As a result the TD catch was cropped a bit tight in camera, and AB3 is facing away from the camera anyway. If anything proves to me that I at least got a shot of the TD. The silver lining of being a bit out of position for the catch was being front and centre for the AB3 jubo show. I wonder how long it will take until we see more flamboyant celebration routines?

And here’s one of AB3 on his way towards the end zone for his first touchdown:

A big question of course was Quinton Porter’s play. The first half was agonizing and the fans were already chanting “we want Glenn” but in the end Bellefeuille’s decision to stick with Porter for the entire game worked out. If anything it at least gave Porter a chance to play a full game and hopefully regain some on-field confidence.

And of course, the Cats D kept them in the game.

Then there was this knucklehead:

For a few seconds he put nearly his entire body weight on the flag and I was holding my breath hoping it wouldn’t snap… otherwise the few minutes this distraction wasted would have probably resulted in a 30 minute break in the game and could have given Calgary enough time to regroup and the Cats D to lose a bit of their second half fire.

Putting on a bit of a show to delay the inevitable… which gave Calgary more time to rest…

As usual, more images from the game can be found in my CFL archive, though it won’t be updated until later in the week when I have more time.

A recap of the game can be found on

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