CFL 2009.09.07: Labour Day Classic – Tiger-Cats 34 – Argonauts 15

Nice to see the Ticats keep the home winning streak going by giving the Argos payback for the July 1st loss…

Here’s a huge selection of images in basic chronological order. While a few of the bigger plays didn’t come my way, I’m pretty happy with my take from this game.

As always, a huge selection is available at my CFL archive here.

And a game recap can be found at The Spectator’s Ticats blog here.

George Hudson (52), head coach Marcel Bellefeuille and teammates during team introductions.

Wide receiver Dave Stala (88) and offensive linemen Dan Goodspeed (64), Marwan Hage (62), Peter Dyakowski (67), George Hudson (52) and Alexandre Gauthier (66) assemble at centrefield during team introductions.

Defensive back Jykine Bradley (31) and quarterback Kevin Glenn (5) go through their pre-game ritual at centrefield.

Offensive linemen George Hudson (52), Dan Goodspeed (64) and Marwan Hage (62).

Defensive end Montez Murphy (98), wide receiver Arland Bruce III (4), quarterback Quinton Porter (12), defensive back Geoff Tisdale (9) and linebacker Jordan Matechuk (51).

Nick Setta takes a moment to collect his thoughts.

Geoff Tisdale (9) and the Ticats defense didn’t waste any time putting pressure on Argos quarterback Cody Pickett.

It looked like the Cats would get their first break early when Ray Mariuz grabbed the ball on a punt to the Argos after he thought Will Poole touched the it. Mariuz ran it unchallenged for a touchdown… but it was called back due to penalties and possession was given back to the Argos after the replay determined Poole never touched the ball.

Cats defensive lineman Khari Long (94) has a chat with defensive end Montez Murphy (98).

Long keeps his eyes on the Argos huddle.

Arland Bruce III (4) breaks a tackle attempt by Argos linebacker Willie Pile (10).

Quarterback Adam Tafralis (17) is stopped by the Argos defence on a short yardage attempt.

Quarterback Kevin Glenn had to scramble to recover a bad snap, but the Argos were penalized on the play and the Cats got off easy without any lost yards.

Linebacker Otis Floyd homes in on Argos running back Jeff Johnson.

Wide receiver Arland Bruce III surrounded by his former teammates.

Quarterback Adam Tafralis and the Cats O-line pile on the Argos for a first down.

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton tackles Argos running back Jamal Robertson (25).

Defensive tackle Matt Kirk (93).

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton and defensive back Bo Smith (7) tackle Argos wide receiver Chad Lucas.

Linebacker Otis Floyd rushes Argos quarterback Cody Pickett, forcing an incomplete pass.

Then taunts Pickett after the play.

Kevin Glenn launches a deep pass for…

…Arland Bruce III

Who celebrates the 44 yard completion by getting close to the fans.

Bruce’s reception set up this touchdown by DeAndra’ Cobb.

Defensive back Sandy Beveridge tackles Argos slotback Andre Durie (32) on the ensuing kickoff.

Defensive lineman Justin Hickman sacks Argos quarterback Cody Pickett.

Wide receiver Chris Davis is unable to pull in a pass under coverage from Argos safety Will Poole.

Defensive back Bo Smith (7) returns an interception for 40 yards under pressure from Toronto Argonauts running back Jamal Robertson.

And is finally hauled down by Argos quarterback Cody Pickett at the seven yard line.

Offensive lineman Simeon Rottier.

Here’s a sequence that worked out for me. I got lucky when I decided to focus on Cats defensive end Montez Murphy (98) on the play where he caused Argos quarterback Cody Pickett to fumble…

Kevin Glenn goes deep…

But wide receiver Prechae Rodriguez (85) is blocked by Toronto Argonauts safety Will Poole (20) and defensive back Dovonte Edwards (24).

Running back DeAndra’ Cobb.

Wide receiver Dave Stala.

Offensive lineman Alexandre Gauthier.

Quarterback Kevin Glenn.

Wide receiver Dave Stala.

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25) is facemasked by Toronto Argonauts running back Jeff Johnson. I’m not sure if it was the facemask grab by Johnson, but following the play Cats defensive lineman Justin Hickman (95) and Argos guard Taylor Robertson (65) got into an altercation that resulted in both being ejected from the game:

Hickman got an ovation from the Cats faithful…

And of course Robertson was heckled during his walk to the Argos locker room.

Defensive back Jykine Bradley (31) and linebacker Jamall Johnson (28) trash-talk the Argos.

Wide receiver Arland Bruce III looks to inflict more damage against his former team…

A sideline conference between quarterbacks Kevin Glenn (5), Quinton Porter (12), Adam Tafralis (17) and head coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

George Hudson (52) and the offensive line.

Quarterback Adam Tafralis (17) scores a touchdown from the one yard line on a quarterback keeper.

Wide receiver Dave Stala watches from the sideline.

Defensive end Montez Murphy (98) once again putting the pressure on Argos quarterback Cody Pickett.

Defensive back Marc Beswick (3) knocks the ball away from Toronto Argonauts safety Will Poole (20) after Poole fumbled a punt return in the fourth quarter…

which Dylan Barker recovered.

Defensive back Jykine Bradley (31) tackles Toronto Argonauts running back Jamal Robertson.

And celebrates with Montez Murphy.

Running back DeAndra’ Cobb finds a seam…

… but loses his shoe…

Which set up this field goal by Nick Setta.

Fullback Darcy Brown (24) and linebacker Jordan Matechuk (51) tackle Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Chad Rempel on the kick return to effectively end the game.

Wide receiver Dave Stala.

Arland Bruce III high fives Ticats fans.

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