CFL 2010.09.06: Labour Day Classic – Tiger-Cats 28 – Argonauts 13

A bit late posting these images from the Labour Day Classic between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats at a sold out Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The Tiger-Cats won 28-13, but the game wasn’t a pretty one from a photographic point of view. Not a whole lot of good action photos of the offense, though the defense didn’t disappoint.

The following is a roughly chronological selection of images from the game. The full 200+ final edit can be seen on my CFL/Tiger-Cats photo archive.

Tiger-Cats wide receiver Marquay McDaniel on his big first quarter catch and run that ultimately set up a DeAndra’ Cobb touchdown.

Linebacker Otis Floyd (35), defensive tackle Demonte’ Bolden (90) and defensive back Dylan Barker (20) tackle Argonauts running back/slotback Andre Durie.

Tiger-Cats linebackers Jamall Johnson (28), Otis Floyd (35) and defensive back Jason Shivers (2). I liked how they lined up here and have a sequence in the photo archive where you can see how they’re shifting position.

Tiger-Cats defensive back Geoff Tisdale returns a first quarter interception.

Tisdale (9) celebrates his interception with defensive back Jason Shivers (2).

I have to include this one simply as evidence that I got something of the play. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the field for what was probably the most spectacular play of the game.

Dave Stala (88) makes a reception over Argonauts linebacker Jordan Younger (26) and corner back Byron Parker (28).

It’s one of those situations where you try to do your best to be in the right place and it doesn’t work out. My philosophy is to face the Cats so that they face me and offensive plays come towards me. This works great for many plays, but results are mixed for passes because often the receivers turn to look back at the QB. It’s only the over the shoulder passes that tend to work well from this vantage point.

Cats defensive end Garrett McIntyre fights his way around Argonauts offensive tackle Chris Van Zeyl.

Defensive back Geoff Tisdale trips up Argonauts slotback Brandon Rideau (16).

Cats defensive tackle Jermaine Reid (99) sacks Argonauts quarterback Cleo Lemon (1) along with linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25).

Reid celebrates his sack of Toronto Argonauts quarterback Cleo Lemon.

Wide receiver Dave Stala watches the game from his favoured vantage point along the team’s bench.

Tiger-Cats linebackers Jamall Johnson (28), Otis Floyd (35) and defensive back Jerome Dennis (27).

Otis Floyd (35) celebrates a play.

Tiger-Cats punter Eric Wilbur (11) warms up along the sideline.

Tiger-Cats offensive linemen Simeon Rottier (65), Marwan Hage (62), Peter Dyakowski (67), Alexandre Gauthier (66) and George Hudson (52) huddle prior to a play.

Tiger-Cats defensive back Jykine Bradley (31) reacts to a blocked punt by linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25) (not pictured).

Here’s a prime example where I messed up and wasn’t thinking… I was fairly close to the play and should have shot it wider with the anticipation of a blocked punt.

Linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25) recovers the punt he blocked in the end zone for a touchdown.

Knowlton is buried under a pile of teammates in celebration of his blocked punt recovered for a touchdown. Teammates include defensive back Jykine Bradley (31), linebacker Ray Mariuz (44) and defensive back Marc Beswick (3).

Cats linebacker Markeith Knowlton (25), defensive end Justin Hickman (95), linebacker Otis Floyd (35) and defensive end Garrett McIntyre (71) try to stop a short yard play by Argonauts quarterback Cleo Lemon (1).

Cats defensive back Jerome Dennis tackles Argonauts wide receiver Chad Lucas.

Cats defensive back Will Heyward tackles Toronto Argonauts wide receiver James Robinson.

Cats defensive back Jason Shivers (2) knocks the feet out from under Argonauts offensive tackle Chris Van Zeyl (54).

Van Zeyl was slow to get up after the play…

Cats quarterback Kevin Glenn (5) scrambles for a few extra yards.

Cats running back DeAndra’ Cobb runs laterally, looking for an opening.

Cats offensive linemen Marwan Hage (62), Peter Dyakowski (67) and Alexandre Gauthier (66).

Cats offensive lineman Belton Johnson.

Cats quarterback Kevin Glenn (5) throws a touchdown to wide receiver Dave Stala (88) (not pictured).

Cats wide receiver Dave Stala (88) on the touchdown. Unfortunately the actual touchdown wasn’t much of a photo and the elaborate celebration Stala had in mind didn’t work out…

Cats punter Eric Wilbur on the ensuing kickoff.

The above four images are a sequence of a play initiated by Otis Floyd and included defensive back Will Heyward (23), defensive end Justin Hickman (95) and defensive end Justin Hickman (95) tackling Argonauts running back Cory Boyd (3).

Cats defensive back Will Heyward (23) celebrates a play.

Cats linebacker Otis Floyd (35) and defensive end Justin Hickman (95) tackle Toronto Argonauts running back Cory Boyd (3).

Otis Floyd (35) celebrates the play.

Cats defensive end Garrett McIntyre sacks Argonauts quarterback Cleo Lemon. Unfortunately not a great angle on the play.

McIntyre celebrates the sack.

Cats long snapper Jordan Matechuk.

Cats defensive back Dylan Barker (20) and long snapper Jordan Matechuk (51).

The above sequence is Cats defensive end Justin Hickman sacking Argonauts quarterback Cleo Lemon during the fourth quarter.

Not sure what happened here, but Cats linebacker Ray Mariuz (44) and Argonauts punter/kicker Jamie Boreham during a post play altercation.

Cats linebacker Markeith Knowlton tackles Argonauts running back Cory Boyd. Boyd tried a nifty spin move to break the tackle, but Knowlton was able to bring him down.

A key play of the game (unfortunately again from behind) – Cats defensive back Jason Shivers (2) intercepts a pass (in the end zone?) intended for Argonauts wide receiver James Robinson (4).

Shivers (2) celebrates his interception with fullback Darcy Brown.

Defensive back Geoff Tisdale (9), wide receiver Maurice Mann (86), defensive end Justin Hickman (95) and defensive back Marc Beswick (3) pile on Shivers in celebration of the interception and the end of the game.

I’ll finish with some Tiger-Cats cheerleaders:

Tiger-Cats junior cheerleaders.

By the way, I’ve posed a separate page of fan photos and also added a huge selection to the fan gallery in the photo archive:

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