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Why B&H? They liked what they saw here and asked me to join, but I’ve been a very satisfied customer of theirs since 2002. While I haven’t been a huge spender with them, I have always received exactly what I ordered in a reasonable time frame. They were one of the first to offer realtime stock notification, meaning that one could buy with certainty that a given item was in stock and would ship promptly for great peace of mind. I also like their wish list feature, which allows me to collect items I might be interested in eventually buying without having to search for them all over again.

Considering that I live in Canada, it’s amazing that purchasing from B&H is often faster than buying locally. I can place an order and receive it the next day. This is especially true for obscure items that might require weeks for a Canadian distributor to order in specifically for you. Chances are good that B&H has it in stock. And thanks to NAFTA and a bunch of other global free-trade agreements, most photographic equipment imported into Canada will be duty free. One must still pay GST/HST and/or PST, but that is the case for purchases originating in Canada or in one’s own province. See my article on importing goods into Canada. For those Canadians reading this, B&H has recently revised their excellent inexpensive but fast ground shipping service through Purolator that eliminates all of the HST, duties and brokerage uncertainty of the past by including the exact charges in the checkout. They now offer a slightly slower free shipping service for any orders over $99 US. I tried it recently and received delivery within four days of placing the order (I’m in Southern Ontario – your delivery times may differ). You will never be presented with an unexpected bill for unseen costs upon delivery when using either of these inexpensive ground shipping options.

What about supporting local retailers? While B&H is a great option, there are still times I will buy locally, generally for large ticket items such as a camera or expensive lens. Buying locally not only supports the retailer, but provides face to face after sales support should there be any problems. That’s not to say B&H does not offer generous return policies. They do, but if you live outside the USA, the return shipping can become costly, potentially wiping out any initial savings. And by buying locally I mean from independent stores, not necessarily from big chains such as Henry’s or Vistek, and especially not from big box chains like Future Shop or Best Buy. If you’re in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville/Niagara region, please contact Bell*Arte Camera.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of B&H or Amazon, or simply don’t want to buy any equipment, but would like to send a token of appreciation my way, please consider making a Paypal donation. Any amount will be appreciated!

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